Sacred Scotland 2019

We are inviting you to join us on this soul-shaking, heart-awakening sacred Faery Light work mission in Scotland this September 15-22, 2019.

It is time for you to step into your oracular power and co-create your sacred vision born of the heart of Gaia.
Scotland is calling many light workers to its land at this time. Its spiritual forces are bubbling and beckoning to your heart and soul to join this deep exploration and fulfill a sacred soul agreement that has long been written in the stars and stones.
There are dragon currents that twist and glide beneath the surface of the they call to those of us who once partnered with them....
Do you remember, Dragon Rider? 
Those of us who have been called into the inner circle of this ancient lineage are now being asked to answer the call, unlock, heal and harmonize the dragon light in the land that lies sleeping and guide it to the surface now where it can flow into the land and bless the hearts of many.
And in so doing, we will undoubtedly activate our own key codes of dragon light that dwell within our blood, bones and heart. 


Our Inner World Guides

Brigid, the Serpent Queen & Cailleach, the Ancient One & Mary Magdalene, the Holy Dragon Enchantress invite you...

These three come together as a holy trinity of support. Co-guiding and co-creating this initiatory experience, they hold in tact and maintain the integrity of sacred container. They will be journeying us deep into the sacred Mysteries of Dragon and Faery, while co-creating a sacred light work mission that is being orchestrated by our higher selves and the inner realms even now as you read this. (You can learn more about these beings here.)

This sacred work is part of the global light project The Song of the Dragon, and the pieces of the puzzle will mostly unfold in realtime, which you will be a PART of! For it is each of you who hold the specific key codes of activation that will unlock the ancient soul agreements and support the unfolding of this empowered reality. 

The Sacred Journey

This experience is meant to be a journey of consciousness, soul remembering and sacred destiny. Those of you who are called will activate your Dragon Light body. Taking up your sacred role as Dream Weaver and Dragon Rider, you will set about on a truth seeking quest to dance and harmonize the light within the land.

There are many sacred destinations that the energy of the trip is spiraling us toward such as:


The otherworldly entrance of Doon Hill connected to Rev. Robert Kirk a true faery/human go-between and long-time ally of Faery Light Mystery School;

Or Aviemore Ring Cairn and Stone Circle, a nearly intact stone circle in the Cairngorm forest and mountains that awaits the touch of "one who knows..."

Perhaps the spellbinding Schiehallion Mountain will journey us into our soul's inner vision. A crystal temple of light frequented by Dragon Lords and Sidhe Masters, this mountain is imprinted with crystalline matrices of light that house the frequencies for ascension on Earth. 

And Clava Cairn is an ancient chamber tomb of initiation. With its circular enclosure, the energies converge to bring about healing from the deepest points within. 

Rosemarkie fairy glen is a mysterious forest and houses the road less traveled and a story rarely told. 

The Fortingall Yew is a healing force that can be touched into and benefited from; this being is a profound teacher of consciousness and houses the original seeds of light for Gaia's dream. 

Rosslyn Chapel & Glen, traversed by dragon currents of great power and populated by ancient faery beings that seek to bestow starry wisdom upon those humans who seek the light. 


But this is a true soul trip and the journey will unfold in realtime - and in this YOU will play a part.

No doubt we will be tracing the dragon lines, and letting them trace us as we spiral together through the interwoven patterns of light infused in the land and calling us to REMEMBER.

Will you join this quest of body, mind, heart and soul? 

My soul says, "I'm ready to apply!"

Explore the Basic Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Edinburgh. Transport to manor in Aberfeldy. 

Day 2: Journey to the heart of the land. Connect with consciousness of its sacred guardian, an ancient Yew tree. Overnight in Aberfeldy.

Day 3: Powerful vision quest to a sacred mountain. Overnight in Aberfeldy. 

Day 4: Travel to + explore Cairngorms.  stone circle - overnight in Cairngorms. 

Day 5: Discover upper highlands - ancient cairns and faery glens. Overnight in Cairngorms. 

Day 6: Drive to Rosslyn Chapel and Glen. Overnight in Edinburgh. 

Day 7: Day on own in Edinburgh. Farewell Dinner. Overnight in Edinburgh. 

Day 8: Depart to airport after breakfast. 

Can you feel the power and deep medicine of this experience brewing within you?

The Venue

Where will we stay? 

During our time together in Aberfeldy in the Lower Highlands, we will enjoy the exquisite comfort and luxury of a beautiful boutique holiday house that sits on 17 acres of land with gorgeous views of the mountains. 



The bedrooms are impressive and the living and dining spaces are elegant and totally in line with Faery Light style because (say it with me now...): "spiritual austerity is SO out of style!" 

And to follow in that energy we will have a private live-in chef to cook all of our dinners and breakfasts during our stay here in Perthshire.  

 Boat Country Inn, Cairngorms

While we are exploring the Upper Highlands, the Boat Country Inn shall be our home away from home for two nights. Nestled deep in the Cairngorms, it is the perfect place to feel cozy, comfy and totally supported while we traverse the nearby stone circles, forest and faery glens. 

And they've even agreed to pack us a lunch for our day of departure, so we can be sure we well supported for our journey back to Edinburgh and to Rosslyn Chapel. 

Dunstane House Hotel, Edinburgh 


The Dunstane House Hotel is a gorgeous 5 star boutique hotel in the heart of Edinburgh. Opulent and refined but relaxed and traditional, this hotel will make you feel deliciously indulgent. 

Our Farewell Dinner will be held in Ba'Bar - Dunstane's sumptuous lounge and dining area that serves a seasonal and local menu of modern Scottish dishes. 



We want to make sure you are so tended and prepared for its deep magic and high alchemy.

To you ensure you are totally supported, you will also receive: 

  • 1 monthly group Preparation Call starting in June (for a total of 3 pre-trip) to connect with one another and  attune to the group energetic of magical forces, guides and guardians as a grounding and a powerful container to begin our magical workings and exploration. 
  • 1 post-trip group Integration Call to support the deepest integration and anchoring of all that we did together. 
  • Soul Kit with a customized flower essence for you and your upcoming experience plus a crystal that has chosen to accompany and support your journey. 
  • Access to a Private Retreat Facebook Group – so we can connect pre-trip (you can ask questions and receive update-to-date trip info) and then we’ll stay connected post-trip – and of course swap photos!


My soul is a'singing!

What's Included: 

  • 7 full days of sacred Faery Light work, transformative vision journeys, heart-expanding meditations and powerful ceremonies and sacred circles throughout the week!
  • Sacred Breathwork Circle to support you in processing your emotions + integration the multidimensional experiences.
  • 7 nights in elegant and luxurious accommodations in Edinburgh and the Highlands – double occupancy for eight nights (yes, there are 2 beds in the rooms.)
  • Seven delicious breakfasts.
  • Welcome reception + dinner catered for us at by our private live-in chef during our stay in Aberfeldy.
  • Gourmet farewell dinner together at The Dunstane House Hotel's elegant dining lounge.
  • 2 additional hand-selected dinners – prepared by our private chef during our stay in Aberfeldy.
  • 2 delicious lunches.
  • Excursions to sacred sites such as magical forests, ancient cairns, fairy glens and sacred mountains.
  • Ground transportation for the entire trip in a private coach.
  • Entrance fees to any sites we visit together.
  • Transport from the airport to our accommodations on September 15 and back to the airport on September 22nd (at the designated times only!)
  • Tip for the coach driver for the full trip is INCLUDED

Not Included: 

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Dinners and lunches not mentioned in the inclusions above.
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, wine, alcoholic beverages, spa services, taxis, laundry, bell-boys, tips for your room maid (we recommend $1-2 USD per day per person)
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

The Sacred Extension

Isle of Lewis Optional Extension

Sept 22-25

(This optional extension is limited to 4 people ONLY)


Sacred Extension is Now SOLD OUT

After our soul journey through the heart of Scotland's Highlands, stone temples and sacred forests, a very small intimate group will fly to the Isle of Lewis. There we will commune with the sacred standing stones of Callanish, explore the thin and otherworldly places where the sea meets land and discover the stories carried by the wind seeking to be given voice. 

The purpose of this nimble-sized group is to totally be led by Spirit and the Faery forces of the land in an unforgettable adventure of trust, magic, mystery and passionate exploration of truth, light, wisdom and love. Rolling totally "Faery Light style" we will cast away plans and allow ourselves to be gently guided to play, dance and express our soul's sacred essence in a co-creative communion of land, spirit, faery and human.

Watch as the story unfolds before your eyes, and the world becomes an even MORE mysterious place. 


  • 3 nights accommodation in Isle of Lewis at 5 Star B&B
  • 3 breakfasts
  • Transportation throughout island in rental car driven by Diomira or Betty 

Not Included:

  • in-country flight to and from Isle of Lewis
  • dinner and lunches
  • possible spontaneous ferry outing to nearby island

*Note: the lack of inclusions allows for more flexibility to truly be led by Spirit. 


You are magically and powerfully invited...

Dearest Soul Family,

This magical journey is one that has budded and flowered in our hearts and the heart of Gaia herself.

It is a great privilege and honor for us (Betty & Diomira) to stand on either side of this otherworldly entry point, and usher you onto the sacred path of this pilgrimage. 

For those of you who feel the dragons of Gaia and the spiritual forces of Scotland calling in your own sacred heart, I cannot wait to connect with you and share in this enchanting real-life tale with you. 

This is a real story - both ancient and modern - that is still unfolding. And your heart already knows whether or not you are a part of it.

Feel the light in your own heart. Feel the light in the intention of this soul trip. And together let us join our hearts, our magic and our energetic threads of destiny to co-create the most beautiful and heart-awakening sacred soul trip. 

To share in this with you as light worker, wisdom keeper and Awakened Child of Gaia would be our heart-felt honor. 

With deepest love and respect,

Diomira & Betty


Contact Diomira about the journey here.

I am SO there!